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ACC Week #7: Review

Time to brush up on your knowledge of ACC tiebreaking procedures.

The Coastal Division just got interesting. Virginia Tech proved to be just as inept as UNC stopping Georgia Tech's triple option giving the Hokies their first ACC lost. The Yellow Jacket win also means the Coastal Division leader is...wait for it...Virginia! Al Groh is fireproof. I do not expect the Cavs spot to hold and we will eventually see VT, GT and Miami tied with one loss atop the standings meaning we could go six or seven deep on the tiebreaker.

In the Atlantic Division, Wake Forest laid an egg at Clemson and it appears that division is heading towards some kind of bizarre tango with four teams porting 4-4 records. That means NCSU is still not done except for the fact they have give up 49 and 52 points in successive ACC games. Last week it was death by passing this week it was death by rushing. It is disaster of season ending proportions to have zero strengths on one side of the ball, just ask UNC.