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Blue And Womble Have Surgery

First of all, you hate it for both of these guys who are getting plenty of experience as freshman. As you look forward(and that is about what we are left to do here) next season UNC should improve offensively on the strength of players like Jamal Womble and A.J. Blue getting experience now. Womble fractured his wrist which probably will not be a huge deal long team. Blue, on the other hand, injured his knee which creates all sorts of concern for his future. Hopefully neither will be an issue down the road. Both are scheduled for surgery on Tuesday with an update on their status due some time after that.

In terms of the big picture: The hits keep coming don't they? Sheesh. How many injuries can this offense possibly take. Granted Womble and Blue were only playing in spots but when you are 115th in total offense out of 120 teams it is an all hands on deck situation.