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The excellent blog Every Day Should Be Saturday pegs the Heels perfectly:

The best defense in the conference, and a tribute to the species of the armadillo, a species Butch Davis developed an affinity for while coaching in South Florida. See, sometimes they cross the road down there, and if you catch them just the right way with your car you can send them flying in spectacular arcs, little careening brown armored balls hurtling like varmint shrapnel all over the place. Butch so obviously did this once, watched as the stricken ‘dilla crept off without a limp, and thought "One day, I’m ‘a gonna build me a team like that." This year, that dream comes true, because while the UNC defense is nigh indestructible, the UNC offense has no claws, teeth, venom, or tenacity to speak of, and subsists off grubby field goals and punts it finds discarded on the ground. And like armadilloes, many larger, more toothsome predators consider them more "food on the half-shell" than "hopelessly well-armored anti-snack."

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Incidentally, UNC reader badbadleroybrown was at Kenan Stadium yesterday when the UNC "JV team" made up of current freshman and sophomores scrimmaged against Hargrave Military Academy as a part of practice. According to him, Braden Hanson looked good but Mike Paulus was "painful" to watch exhibiting all kinds of timing issues on his passes. And that during drills sans a defensive line providing pressure which would explain why he is dropping on the depth chart faster than the stock market during a Presidential campaign. Of course the fact Paulus is practicing does not seem to jive with the injury rumor that has been floating out there. Who knows, maybe he is struggling with some type of shoulder problem and that is to blame for poor passing display.

Odds on a Paulus transfer? Just about even.