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I Knew There Was A Reason I Stopped Linking Heather Dinich

Which begs the question, why post anything she has written now? Because there are times when the naivete is so breathtaking it deserves to be discussed. Besides, I am not linking just posting the relevant quote. Dinich offers up her midseason report card for UNC. To her credit she gets the defensive MVP right in Robert Quinn. However on offense it is clear she simply pulled up the UNC team page at ESPN and picked whoever the leader was in receiving:

Offensive MVP: Greg Little. He entered the season as the Tar Heel’s most experienced wide receiver with just 24 career catches. He ranks sixth in the league with 4.5 receptions per game and leads the team with 27 catches for 230 yards and one touchdown. He’s been a leader on an offense that has struggled this year, and has helped the younger receivers around him learn quickly.

No. No. No. A thousand times no. He's been a leader? Really? Little has had two personal fouls called on him in six games. He has one freaking TD and his longest reception all season was 34 yards against ECU. Not that there are many choices. Frankly, had Dinich put NONE by Offensive MVP, I may have considered lifting the linking ban just for the sheer cleverness of it. But Greg Little? Really?

If you must name someone I am more apt to go with Ryan Houston who does have 15 fewer yards than Little(well not really if you count Little's penalty yards) and Houston also has seven TDs. For my money, Houston has been good and under utilized. Erik Highsmith might have nine fewer receptions than Little but he averages eight more yards per catch and has one more TD. In my opinion Highsmith and Houston have had a greater impact on the UNC offense than Little. Heck, Zach Pianalto almost singlehandedly beat UConn so he is probably a candidate ahead of Little as well.

I just think this kind of stuff is lazy analysis. Anyone who has watched UNC this season(and there is a good chance Dinich hasn't) knows Little continues to be a huge disappointment and some of his actions on the field have had negative consequences. Granted the offense is terrible so even naming an offensive MVP is laughable. In this case it is hysterical.