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Injury Report for FSU

Via IC:

AJ Blue RB/QB Knee
Carl Gaskins OT Knee
Matt Merletti S Knee
Trevor Stuart DS Knee
Womble, Jamal TB Wrist

Lowell Dyer C Shoulder
Ryan Taylor TE Knee

Joshua Adams WR Shoulder
Jonathan Cooper OG Ankle
Zack Pianalto TE Foot

Anthony Elzy RB Shoulder
Linwan Euwall LB Ankle
Kyle Jolly OT Ankle
Devon Ramsay FB Knee
Cam Thomas DT Leg

I have read in other places that Jonathan Cooper is nearly 100% so him being listed as "questionable" seems a little odd. Butch Davis has been hedging on whether Zach Pianalto plays though the depth chart lists him and Ed Barham with the always fun "OR" separating their names. There might be some gamesmanship to disguising Pianalto's status since he is a bit of an offense weapon. Lowell Dyer is still out with a shoulder injury and I am not convinced he plays again this season.