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Injury Report vs Virginia Tech

Via IC:

AJ Blue TB/QB Knee
Carl Gaskins OT Knee
Matt Merletti S Knee
Trevor Stuart DS Knee
Jamal Womble TB Wrist

Jordan Hemby DB Concussion
Ryan Taylor TE Knee

Joshua Adams WR Shoulder
Cam Holland C Shoulder

Jonathan Cooper OG Ankle
Lowell Dyer C Shoulder
Linwan Euwall LB Ankle
Kyle Jolly OT Ankle
Zack Pianalto TE Concussion
Devon Ramsay RB Knee

It appears UNC might be getting Lowell Dyer back which means his career ends this season one way or the other should he step foot on the field. Zach Pianalto is listed as probable despite suffering a concussion against FSU. Over at ACC Now they ask the salient question: How is this possible?

Scott Trulock, the team’s head athletic trainer, said there are various degrees of concussions, just like ankle or knee injuries. After Pianalto sustained his concussion, he was examined by the team doctor Mario Ciocca. After the game, he was examined again, and the symptoms appeared to already be gone. The following day – Saturday – Pianalto went through a neurocognative test that examined things such as memory and balance; that was compared to the baseline test players undergo each summer, and he passed. Finally, Pianalto was put through a battery of cardio "stress" tests to see if the symptoms would return. When they didn’t, he was cleared to practice Sunday.

By comparison, defensive back Jordan Hemby, who also sustained a concussion against the Seminoles, is listed as "doubtful" for Thursday’s game because his symptoms persisted for several days.

Pianalto's concussion must have been so borderline it barely qualified as one considering he was cleared to play three days after it happened. UNC needs all the help they get on offense so having Pianalto available is important since T.J. Yates will be running for his life and dumping off to the TE might be his only option. The offensive line stands to be as healthy as it has been all season. Not that I think it will matter against the Hokie defense. Yes, I am feeling a tad pessimistic about this one.