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Roy Has An Autobiography Coming Out

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Needless to say there will be a lot of good reading for Tar Heel fans in the coming weeks. First, Art Chansky's new book Light Blue Reign is due out on October 27th(be on the lookout for the THF review) detailing the history of UNC basketball. Now, it appears Roy Williams will be releasing an autobiography that promises to hold some previously unheard stories, some of which are previewed here by the N&O. The most interesting one of the lot is this:

After he turned down the Carolina job in 2000, Guthridge - who coached Williams on the UNC freshman team, then was an assistant with him under Dean Smith - "essentially" didn't speak to him for three years. In 2003, when Williams took the job the second time it was offered. Guthridge was among those at the airport in Chapel Hill welcoming him back. "That was a little uncomfortable for me; we hadn't really talked for three years and I knew he had been very mad at me," Williams says. " ... I gave him some leeway because I would always think of him as my coach."

I would not have pegged Bill Guthridge to act this way, but then again I would never have thought that Guthridge would need to be restrain from attacking a referee following the 1991 National Semifinal loss to Kansas. The lesson here? Don't piss Gut off.