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Statistical Overview

The offense and defense by the numbers.

[table id=3 /]

  • I am not discussing the offense. These numbers make my eyes bleed. It is amazing how two units on the same team can be at complete polar ends of the rankings.
  • The defense could be better at stopping the run though being 35th is hardly terrible. I think the Georgia Tech game is pushing the Heels down a little in that category.
  • Red zone conversions against the Tar Heel defense is average at 80%. Of those scores, 46% are TDs and 33% are FGs. It would be nice if those were reversed.
  • Opponent 3rd down conversions is a respectable 30% which ranks 16th. Unfortunately the offense converts 3rd down at the same rate, now excuse while I dry the blood in my eyes.
  • UNC made a living off turnover margin and forcing turnovers last season. The defense has not done as much in that area this season, especially in terms of INTs. The Heels had 20 INTs in 2008 and so far this season have eight which is decent. However, the pass defense is ranked 3rd now versus 85th a year ago I'd consider that a better than even trade. Also, UNC has collected 15 sacks so far this season good for 19th nationally and well on pace to breeze by the paltry total of 22 the Heels posted last season. Robert Quinn is a huge part of that with seven sacks to his credit(2nd nationally) as well as being ranked eighth in tackles for loss. In short, UNC has given up something in terms of forcing turnovers but are finding other ways to stop the opposing offense from moving the ball.