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Surprise! There Might Be An Issue With John Wall's Eligibility

There are some things you see coming, like Ty Lawson taking the ball the length of the court and hitting the game winner versus FSU. This would definitely be another which is why I am thankful Roy Williams entertained the thought of recruiting John Wall only briefly. According to ESPN, the SEC acknowledged that a months long investigation of Wall's eligibility still has not cleared the most hyped player recruit since the dawn of recruiting to play at Kentucky:

SEC commissioner Mike Slive confirmed to that there are eligibility issues regarding both Kentucky top recruit John Wall and Mississippi State's top freshman Renardo Sidney.

Sidney's eligibility has been discussed for months. Mississippi State compliance director Bracky Brett told recently that Sidney wasn't eligible to compete yet but was eligible to practice as the school and Sidney's attorney work through amateurism issues.

But this is the first time it has been publicly acknowledged that there could be a question about Wall's eligibility.

A source also told that Kentucky has been investigating Wall's eligibility for months because his former AAU coach was a certified agent.

Everyone knows Sidney is toxic as four day old Chinese food left in out of the fridge. I am shocked his playing at Mississippi St is still a possibility. This is the first mention of Wall having an issue, which is only surprising in the fact someone kept it a secret this long. The problem with Wall stems from the fact his AAU coach, Brian Clifton was a certified agent for a period while he was involved with Wall therefore anything Clifton may have given Wall or paid for would constitute a threat to Wall's amateur status.

Based on everything I have read, it sounds like Wall will probably have to reimburse Clifton and that will resolve the eligibility issue. There is a scenario by which Wall would be barred from playing in college but there does not seem to be an indication it has reached that point. The length of investigation apparently has to do with tracking down everything Wall may have received from Clifton then figuring out how resolve it. In fact, Jeff Goodman has heard from his always impeachable and trustworthy sources(/sarcasm) that Wall will be cleared before the UK opener on November 13th.

Naturally the fact this is happening to a John Calipari team is unsurprising given his history of leaving programs on probation. What is a tad shocking is something is being done before a Calipari team ends in the Final Four and something has to be vacated later.

Exit question raised by ACCSports on Twitter: If John Wall's contact with Brian Clifton is an issue, what about Duke's Ryan Kelly who also had Clifton as his AAU coach?