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The Most Disturbing Stat You Will See Today

Via ACC Now:

Despite missing four games, Pianalto ranks third on the team in receiving yards (112). He had seven catches for 87 yards and a touchdown before injuring his foot in the fourth quarter of UNC's 12-10 win over UConn in the second week of the season.

Let that one simmer a minute before you head off to find some uplifting basketball Media Day story to read.

Seriously, Zach Pianalto has been sitting four games and still manages to be 3rd on the team in receiving yards. Given this incredible piece of information, I wonder if they had put Pianalto out there hobbling around in a cast if he wouldn't be the team's leading receiver right now. The good news is Pianalto is running routes in practice and slowly working his way back. Butch Davis is being coy on whether Pianalto will be ready for FSU. Of course Davis would be coy about what he had for breakfast if the media asked him.

Also, center Lowell Dyer is "weeks away" from returning which almost certainly means he is looking at the end of his career or a possible redshirt.