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UNC Changes Honored Jersey Qualifications

Just saw this come across ACC Now. UNC has decided to add Final Four Most Outstanding Player and ACC Player of the Year to the list of qualifications for having an honored jersey hung in the Dean Dome.

As a result of this change Wayne Ellington and Donald Williams will have their #22 and #21 honored since both were Final Four MOPs. Tyler Hansbrough will have his retired at some point the coming season and Ty Lawson will join Ellington and Williams among the honored jersey for being named first team All American.

Roy Williams mentioned, back when Lawson was named All-American, that he though Lawson would have been honored anyway since he was an ACC POY. Roy also indicated he might investigate a change in the qualifications. Apparently they went through with it. In many ways we are a looking at a pair of unique situations. Usually of a player is either a Final Four MOP or ACC Player of the Year, they end up covering the qualifications for an honored jersey by being an All-American. That was not the case with Ellington or Williams whose perimeter shooting in both title runs was a huge key to winning the title.