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UNC Ready To Proceed With Kenan Phase II

Assuming they can raise serious coin from private investors in an economic climate that includes nearly 10% unemployment.

The details can be found at this spiffy new website UNC has setup. The second phase includes the Carolina Student-Athlete Center which will house expanded academic support space, a training center for Olympic sports and a visitor's locker room. Sounds pretty cool and in order to keep pace in the present college football recruiting wars I imagine necessary. The other part of the project is club seating and premium suites which are supposed to be the cash pipeline for this $70-85 million undertaking. So if any of you have ten to sixty thousand dollars per year to toss in the direction of the Ram's Club, they will hook you up with some nice seats. Just be sure to invite me for a game or two once the renovations are complete.


Exit question: How long before former UNC system president Bill Friday is quoted in the N&O lamenting the money being poured into college athletics or does he only do that for contract extensions?