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Oh MASN, Your Press Releases Never Cease to Annoy

I've been blogging for SB Nation for over three years now, and for almost as long I've been getting press releases from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. I never asked for them; they just started appearing in my inbox when the network was fighting Time Warner Cable over... something. I don't know, I was in California at the time.

Now I actually get MASN. I think. I'm in the Mid-Atlantic, at least. So when this headline hit my e-mail, I was actually intrigued:


26 games! That's... almost the entire season. That doesn't seem right.

And it's not. MASN is - wait for the fine print - broadcasting twenty-six games with teams from North or South Carolina. No UNC games. No USC games either, if you swing that way. No Duke, and no Clemson. You do get Wake Forest vs. East Carolina and N.C. State at Marquette. And three women's games in February in the Big South conference. Awesome lineup there, MASN.