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UNC 31, Boston College 13

And the leading receiver for Boston College is... Deunta Williams.

Yes, the Carolina quarterback had three interceptions of Dave Shinskie that he returned for a total of 103 yards this afternoon Compare that to the 101 yards receiving to his own team racked up. Throw in another two interceptions, including one Kendric Burney took back to the house, and a fumble recovery for a second touchdown by Cam Thomas, and you almost didn't need the offense to take the field, right?

Unfortunately, the offense did have to take the field, and well, it wasn't particularly pretty. After an eight play, 70 yard touchdown drive on their first possession, the Heels' next twelve drives ended with 7 punts, 2 fumbles, and 3 interceptions. Only one drive topped thirty yards, and that one ended with an endzone pick, while Ryan Houston struggled on the ground with only 45 total yards. The end result was a game that was still in doubt with six minutes left in the game and Carolina holding on to a 21-13 lead. Those last two interceptions from Williamses Deunta and Melvin set the Heels up at the 1 and 24, respectively, where even this out-of-sync offense could manage ten points and put the game away.

This game overall was a marvel in offensive ineptitude. The Eagles' two field goals came on turnovers that gave them starting field position at the Carolina 29 and 30; critical stops by the Heels' front line kept Monte Harris out of the endzone. The two teams combined for 11 turnovers and 12 punts, each team managed one scoring drive that began in their own territory. UNC's 173 yards off of turnovers was almost as many as they gained passing (182) and way more than they gained on the ground (96). Dave Shiniskie was sacked five times for a total loss of 44 yards.

Any time either offense was on the field (so, you know, almost all the time) it was a disaster waiting to happen. Today, UNC was better has causing the disasters, and they were able to end BC's home winning streak, Tampa hopes, and put themselves in the driver's seat for a New Year's Day bowl. All things considered, a pleasant afternoon.