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The ACC Bowl Picture

With Florida State's win and Duke's loss today, the flight to bowl eligibility has officially pulled away from the gate. The conference will have seven teams in the postseason, which given that there are agreements with nine bowls, leaves the EagleBank Bowl in D.C. and the GMAC in Mobile out in the cold. The teams going bowling are Georgia Tech, Clemson, UNC, Virginia Tech, Miami, Boston College and FSU.

I think the best the Heels can hope for is the Champs Sports Bowl. The Orange obviously goes to team that wins in Tampa. The Peach will take Clemson if they lose, and if they pass on Georgia Tech - which they'll only be able to do if the Hokies win out - they'll certainly grab Virginia Tech. The Gator will take whichever Tech is still available, leaving the Champs to pick from two Florida teams, UNC, or Boston College. No idea how the last three spots shake out, although I'd think BC as the smallest name and thinnest fan base will be the last kid picked on the playground. Ironically, that's the better destination, as I'd rather see San Francisco than Nashville or Charlotte.

The Champs, which Carolina last played in back in 1995 when it was the Carquest Bowl, is now located in Orlando. This is the last year of their agreement with the Big Ten, where the get the fourth pick in that conference as well. Likely teams are Wisconsin, Michigan State, or Northwestern.