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2010 Unbalanced ACC Schedule

Ah twelve-team ACC and the all the scheduling problems you bring, how do we love thee? We don't, actually. We miss the good old days, where everyone played everyone else home and away, and schedules were balanced. Now? Teams get screwed. And who's getting screwed this season?

Team Home Only Away Only
Boston College Maryland / UNC / Virginia Georgia Tech / N.C. State / Wake Forest
Clemson Miami / UNC / Virginia N.C. State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest
Duke Florida State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Miami / N.C. State / Virginia
Florida State N.C. State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Duke / UNC / Virginia
Georgia Tech Boston College / N.C. State / Virginia Tech Maryland / Miami / Virginia
Maryland Georgia Tech / Miami / UNC  Boston College / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest
Miami Duke / Georgia Tech / N.C. State Clemson / Maryland / UNC
North Carolina Florida State / Miami / Virginia Boston College / Clemson / Maryland
N.C. State Boston College / Clemson / Duke Florida State / Georgia Tech / Miami
Virginia Duke / Florida State / Georgia Tech Boston College / Clemson / UNC
Virginia Tech Clemson / Maryland / Wake Forest Duke / Florida State / Georgia Tech
Wake Forest Boston College / Clemson / Maryland Duke / Florida State / Virginia Tech

Well, Georgia Tech has cause for complaint, being the only team in the conference who has to face both UNC and Duke twice. And Florida State can't be particularly happy, having to travel to both Cameron and the Smith Center without getting a return trip to Tallahassee from either team. 

Here's one bit of good news, though. N.C. State fans will have one less thing to complain about, as their only match-ups with both Duke and Clemson are in the confines of their hockey stadium, and dark horse candidate Georgia Tech is also a single matchup. Virginia Tech also has a nice go of things, playing five of the top six teams in the preseason poll only once. Miami can say the same, but it won't help them as much. 

As for North Carolina, their schedule is on the rough side, but manageable. The Heels travel to Clemson and Maryland for games that could decide the ACC regular season title without the benefit of rematches in Chapel Hill. Sorry Tigers, that losing streak isn't ending this year, but at least it won't get any worse.