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#6 UNC vs Florida International

What: Coaches vs Cancer Classic
When: Monday, November 9th, 7:00 PM
Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
Records: Opener for both teams.

Remember Al Wood!

That is all I have. Seriously, as much as Roy Williams has talked to the media about getting seven fewer practices than last season, UNC faces possibly two of the worst teams in all of Division I right out of the gate. If playing Belmont-Abbey is a glorified practice then this game and the next one on Wednesday versus NC Central are pretty much the same thing right? Basically UNC's first real game will be on Sunday versus Valparaiso. In the meantime the Heels will chew on these two cupcakes while getting further acclimated to playing with each other, especially on the offense end. Roy will probably get a little closer to some semblance of a rotation unless he decides to time warp back to 2007 and play anyone with a pulse at least 10 mins per game.

The only noteworthy aspect of FIU is they are coached by former Indiana Hoosier Isiah Thomas, whom the Heels owe a massive whipping for beating UNC in the 1981 NCAA title game and for being a reprehensible human being in general. FIU has very little talent and is being coached by a guy who has zero experience on a college bench anywhere. Think Sidney Lowe but worse. Yeah, I think Thomas will be that bad.

UNC will roll in spectacular fashion which will not be nearly as entertaining as Ed Davis and the team broadcasting live on UStream at 5 PM today. Be sure to check it out.

UNC 101 FIU 55