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#6 UNC vs Valparaiso

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Sunday, November 15th, 4:00 PM
TV: Fox Sports South
Records: UNC 2-0, Valpo 0-1

This game stands to be a little stiffer test than the ones offered by FIU and NCCU. Maybe like taking the practice SAT. Valpo is generally a well coached team and has some players who are capable of doing some nice things(as Roy would say...I think I have been listening to him too much.) If the past two seasons are an indication, UNC can expect Valpo to give them a run for things, especially in the first half. If the turnovers are still an issue, matters could be even tighter.

I expect this game will see Roy Williams continue to rotate players at will to give the freshman plenty of experience. At some point I would expect to see the rotation tighten up and the way this game unfolds might dictate that a little more. If it is a tight game, Roy could opt to cut back on playing time for Leslie McDonald, one or both of the Wear Twins and even Will Graves. It is obvious John Henson is still adjusting to the perimeter position so I would not be surprised to see him get more minutes to help him make that adjustment.

The turnovers will continue to be a focus. From an offensive standpoint the Heels looked very good against NCCU getting a balanced attack but needing some awareness on where the three point line is at since they ended hitting a lot of long two pointers. If UNC can bring that same sort of offensive efficiency today but cut down on the turnovers, it will bolster their confidence heading to New York.

UNC 85 Valpo 60