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Carolina Women's Soccer, Field Hockey Teams Have Tournament Weekends

In case you're unaware, both the UNC field hockey and women's soccer teams have their respective ACC tournaments this weekend, and neither team is starting from a number one seed.

In women's soccer, the Heels are in fact a third seed, after a disappointing (for them) ACC sate that found them losing three games to Virginia Tech, Miami, and top seed Florida State. That being said, UNC is still the highest ranking team in the tournament, and easily slipped by their opening opponent Maryland today in Cary. They'll get #2 seed Boston College tomorrow, who was taken to double overtime today by Virginia in a game decided on penalty kicks. All signs look good for Carolina to advance to Sunday's championship game.

The field hockey team, on the other hand, is a two seed as a result of their only loss, at the hands of #1 Maryland. And that's both the Terps' seed and national ranking; in fact, Maryland, UNC, and Virginia are 1-2-3 both this weekend in Charlottesville and in the national polls. They're all practically guaranteed NCAA tournament slots, and seeded ones at that, despite the fact only four of the sixteen slots are given seeds. But let's be honest, with their football season going the way it is, Terps fans need something to hold on to. It is thus UNC's job to snatch that away from them.