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Bruce Carter Will Return For His Senior Season To Rip Off Opposing QBs Arms and Get His Degree

Specifically in that order. Via ACC Now:

North Carolina has group of junior defenders contemplating skipping their final season for the NFL. Junior linebacker Bruce Carter said Monday he's staying in school.

The junior from Havelock said Monday he's staying in school.

"I'm going to come back and finish my education, not only for me but for my family," Carter said.

That is one piece of the puzzle on defense coming back. Joe Giglio points out that Marvin Austin, Quan Sturdivant and Denuta Williams are all NFL prospects who could jump this season to the NFL. If these three join Carter in returning alongside sophomore Robert Quinn, the UNC defense will continue to do unholy things to the rest of the ACC. With the added bonus that there might be an offense to do things like score points and not turn the ball over.