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Butch Davis Watch 2009

And here I thought we were going to make it through this season without having to do this dance. As you probably know, Charlie Weis will soon be a consultant for some playoff bound NFL team(probably New England) and the self deluded folks in South Bend will be on the prowl for a new head coach. Naturally Butch Davis' name is in the mix.

Butch Davis, North Carolina coach: Has pedigree from Miami days and winning with good defense in a so-so spot at North Carolina. Age (58), cancer scare in '07 have to be factors.

Let me go on record right now and say this is not going to happen. I just don't see Butch Davis jumping into that mess given the academic restrictions and that fan base. No worries right? Well not so fast. The danger of Butch Davis potentially leaving is not with any of the job presently open but rather what happens when the dominoes start to fall. Last week when there was talk of Rich Rodriguez being done at Michigan my first thought was whether LSU might pursue Davis if Les Miles went to Michigan. This is the same deal. If Notre Dame hires Bob Stoops away from Oklahoma does Davis, with ties in the Texas and Arkansas(fertile recruiting ground for Oklahoma) become a prime candidate for that job? I would think so.

Bottom line. There is nothing to see right now but watch out once the coaching carousel gets moving.