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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Via ACC Now(emphasis mine):

North Carolina: A strong running game, and a stronger defense, the Carolina team we all expected in August finally has materialized in the past two games, a pair of ACC wins over Virginia Tech and Duke.

Just to add to the degree of difficulty, the Heels started 0-3 and have had no help from their quarterback.

Coach Butch Davis, and his staff (yes, that includes offensive coordinator John Shoop), deserve credit for bouncing back and finding creative ways to win.

It is easy to criticize the coach and call them out when the team loses. To be fair, Butch Davis and his staff deserve to be recognized when they get it right as well. Considering where UNC was at two weeks ago and the way the running game has performed since the bye week, Davis and John Shoop deserve a hand. Granted we all were pissed after the FSU loss but what was lost in all of that was the fact the Heels started their offensive turnaround in that game. It has carried through nicely now despite the persistent issues at quarterback. Also, Everett Withers deserves some recognition for a defensive unit that has gelled into what we thought they would be prior to the season. Withers had all his bases covered against Duke and the offensive genius of David Cutcliffe. Not an easy task. In two weeks time, the UNC defense held a 200 yard per game rushing offense under 100 yards and the 5th ranked pass defense in the country averaging over 300 yards per game to a meager 113. Well done.

Unfortunately a coaches' work is never done. With Shaun Draughn out for the season, UNC now needs to fine more creative ways to move the football barring T.J. Yates becoming Darrian Durant.