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Marcus Ginyard Thinks Duke Is Shady

Tell me something I don't know.

Athlon Sports via WRAL Sports Fan:

"A lot of their players walk the line between a good, tough player and like a little shady, dirty…I have a strong dislike for most of the players who play at Duke." Ginyard does have some praise for a few guy in Durham, but it doesn't seem to be many. "There are a few players who play at Duke who I respect as straight-up, tough, talented basketball players."

The irony here? This is the sort of thing I expected Danny Green to say. And Ginyard is right Duke is shady. For example here is photo of Greg Paulus clearly trying to get a low blow in on Danny Green. Disgusting.


Didn't see that one coming did you?

Anyway, this sort of thing is straight out of the Danny Green Playbook For Media Statements. I was a little surprised to hear it from Ginyard. For the record, they asked Jon Scheyer about it and he has no idea what Ginyard is talking about. Sure you don't Scheyer. It's not like you are out there shooting three pointers while falling down to draw the foul or anything.[/sarcasm]