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Nolan Smith Goes The Raymond Felton Route

Duke guard Nolan Smith will sit the first two games of the regular season for playing in an unsanctioned summer basketball league in Washington, DC. If you recall, UNC lost Raymond Felton for the 2004-05 opener against Santa Clara due to a similar infraction. UNC lost that game. You know what that means? My alma mater UNC Greensboro is totally going to beat Duke on November 13th. Or not.

In the grand scheme this is not a huge deal and I am surprised this does not happen more given the muddled nature of the NCAA rulebook. The question is how well did Nolan Smith play in said summer league. Apparently he was smooth as butter or something:

HOBO guard Nolan "The Escalade" Smith, who will entering his junior year at Duke was the most improved by far. The Escalade was resigned to being primarily a slasher last summer but this year his game is making a major transformation. Smith’s jumper was wetter than a monsoon in India and his crossover dribble was borderline "stupid." Before the summer is over, some defenders may need knee and hip replacements guarding him.

The Escalade? Really? I have seen Nolan Smith play. Ford Focus? Maybe. Escalade? Not so much.

Question: If Nolan Smith is an Escalade what does that make Ty Lawson considering Lawson did all the things discussed above and then some to Smith and his teammates last season.

Also, I am not an expert but The Escalade does not sound quite right for someone attempting to break into the adult film industry.