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UNC 31 Boston College 13

I am a little shocked. Why? Because I have no idea how this team has posted an 8-3 record with essentially very little from the offense. I am also finding it difficult not to bang my head against a concrete wall when I think about UNC losing to UVa. At some point I'll get over it.

You know, conventional wisdom says you cannot depend on the offense to put up 21 points(for all intents and purposes.) Yet for a 2nd straight week not only did UNC have a defensive back record three picks in the form of Deunta Williams but also got another pick six, a fumble returned for a TD and another interception returned to the BC one where Touchdown Vulture Extraordinaire Ryan Houston punched it in. UNC put 31 on the scoreboard today and basically 21 of it belonged to the defense. I am not sure if they can keep winning games this way then again who really cares. By all rights this team was toast a month ago and now the Gator or Chick-Fila Bowls are being discussed in earnest.

Concerning T.J. Yates.


Here is what I find frustrating about Yates. I think for the most part he does a decent job with doing what John Shoop asks him to do. Granted UNC does not work downfield with their passing and Yates is still horribly off target even when turning to one side and tossing the ball out to a wide open receiver who never left the line of scrimmage. Still, there are some positives with Yates but unfortunately the negatives just overwhelm you. Yates threw three interceptions against BC while going 23-35 for 182 yards. On one hand that is a decent passing day. Not really all that productive considering the passing game only produced 5.4 yards per play. However the nature of what John Shoop is asking Yates to do means there will not be much in terms of big plays. The pass plays are designed to be safer, quick as not to test the offensive line and short passes are easier to throw from an accuracy standpoint. 67% of the time during the course of this game, Yates hit his receiver. The other 30-plus percent of the time passes look like Yates is blindfolded. In and of itself is not necessarily that bad unless Yates does something like throw an INT in the end zone from the Boston College 11 snuffing out what could have been at least three points. Turnovers are part of the game the at present the UNC defense is winning the turnover margin aspect of the game regardless of what Yates or anyone else on the offense is doing. However the turnovers that flat out take potential points away breed incredible levels of frustration. And there is nothing anyone can do about it but hope. Hope that Yates can continue to muddle through because the defense persists on scoring more points than their offensive brothers. After all, Yates is possibly looking at his last two games as the UNC starting QB. Barring Bryn Renner being horrible, Yates is likely out as early as this spring. Unless Bryn Renner is worse than Yates which would mean Butch Davis is completely inept at evaluating QB talent. Somehow I don't think that is the case so Renner it is. Until then, here is hoping the NCSU defense is in fine form on Saturday.

Casey Barth hit his 14th straight FG against BC continuing his remarkable turnaround following the 4-7 start.