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UNC-Syracuse Game Thread

I think UNC is listed as the home team for this one but this is essentially a road game. Syracuse will have plenty of backing in the crowd seeing they are from New York plus they play fairly well at Madison Square Garden, especially in 6OT games or when they sucked all regular season long and need an automatic bid for the NCAA Tournament. It should be noted the last time UNC lost to a non-conference foe was over forty games and three years ago on this very floor. Then it was Gonzaga whom UNC exacted revenge against in the Sweet Sixteen last March by running over them in that 18 wheeler meets grape sort of way. If it's all the same I would prefer to have this one end with no need to seek out future revenge opportunities.

Then again, seeing the UNC's schedule a win would be a huge bonus and in many ways a loss really would not matter. This is the learning stage of the season, as long as the Heels get better by March a loss would only be an annoyance, like the ACC Semifinals in a championship season.

Comments if you have 'em.