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Vanderbilt Scrimmage Was "Ugly"

What is the first rule of secret scrimmages? Don't talk about secret scrimmages.

Roy Williams did indicate UNC's play against Vanderbilt this past Sunday rated somewhere between the mutt who keeps knocking your trash can over and what you might find in the diaper of a newborn.

Via ACC Now:

"...we just didn’t play well at all. We were just ugly. We were yucky. … But since then, we’ve gotten a lot better. I think the seriousness has hit them, the recognition of how good other people are that they might not have ever heard of. I think that was a good slap in the face for us, as opposed to waiting until the season started."

If there is one complaint I have about Roy's teams is how often the proverbial "slap in the face" is required to shape them up. Heck, the 2009 champs needed said slap 2-3 times or so it seemed.

On the injury front. Ed Davis has a bum shoulder but has returned to contact and should be fine. Will Graves on the other hand is not fine. Graves is struggling with a back injury that has required multiple shots. As a result his conditioning is below where they want it and his weight is up 15 lbs which in turn causes the back to hurt more. Got that?

Heels take on Belmont-Abbey is an exhibition on Friday at 7:30 PM.