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#9 UNC vs Albany

Where: Dean Smith Center
When: Wednesday, December 30th, 7:00 PM
Livestats: SCACC Hoops
Records: UNC 10-3; Albany 4-9

Since Albany is going to be outmatched in every way and Roy Williams decided to put the team through two practices on Tuesday you can certainly bet this game is about the Heels playing better. Otherwise I fear for them heading into a five day break before Charleston. So there is very little to say about this matchup. Based on Albany's record and results I imagine the Heels will make short work of them which is a two edged sword. On one hand it is a great time to work on the issues which so vexed Roy during the last game and allowed Rutgers back into the game. On the flip side of that blade it will be difficult to maintain focus. Then again I am betting after the day of practice UNC had, focus won't be an issue.

As for the general on the court chemistry of the team, at some point I hope Roy comes up with some kind of consistent rotation. In that respect Roy shares some blame for some possible confusion by players on the court when he opts to run different lineup combinations out there. While Roy won't accept such a thing as being a legitimate excuse for poor play I have to think that putting a lineup on the floor where David Wear is the SG is bound to created some confusion as to who is doing what. Then again the absence of Marcus Ginyard has something to do with that and even though he will miss this game hopefully the units on the floor will function better this time around than they did two days ago.

UNC 94 Albany 66