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Dick Baddour: Screw Your Coaching Carousel Speculation

Okay, he didn't put it that way though if he did he was probably dressed like this at the time:


During an interview with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies on 620 the Buzz, Baddour was asked about speculation that Notre Dame or others might come calling for Butch Davis. Baddour basically said he had gotten used to and will not answer your silly questions about whether anyone has contacted him seeking permission.

"I guess it's great to have a coach that is rumored with every vacancy that ever occurs anywhere in this country," said Baddour. "Butch is out there recruiting as hard as he can representing the university. He loves this program, his family is committed here."

Seemingly tired of the potential of another post season of speculation, Baddour added, "I think it's unfair to the program and unfair to Butch Davis. I'm not going to get drawn into 'have you been contacted?' That puts you into a position where every time there is a vacancy, you'll get a call and you have to respond."

Unfortunately this is the world you live in when you have a coach like Butch Davis. There will always be questions and Baddour can complain all he wants about how unfair the questions are but it goes with the territory. Like Baddour said, you want a coach that other schools are looking at. That would mean he is a successful coach. In turn the pressure falls on Baddour and the UNC administration to do their darnedest to ensure staying in Chapel Hill trumps moving to a traditional football school. So far they have made the right moves in this regard, even with some derision from the media over the pay raise following the 4-8 first season. Never mind that investment looks like a very good one at present.