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Ginyard Practices, Strickland Does Not

According to ACC Now, Marcus Ginyard returned to practice but Dexter Strickland is still out with a hamstring issue:

No clarification has been given to the nature of Ginyard's pain but obviously they deemed him fit for action. Roy said during his radio program that Strickland went up for a dunk during practice last week and felt something pop. The knee was checked out and it was fine. In Roy's system if you are unable to practice leading up to a game, chances are you won't play unless it is late in the season or the NCAA Tournament. Since Texas is a guard heavy team with plenty of depth, it would be prudent to have all perimeter players available. That being said, it is a December game UNC probably should not have scheduled, something Roy has admitted. Strickland's availability will be determined with the big picture in mind I am sure.

In other news, contrary to current media characterizations that make Roy Williams out to be some hideous gorgon who devours opposing fans at the Dean Dome, the UNC coach proved otherwise when it came to a tragedy in the life of a rival team's player. Roy had flowers sent to the family of Andre Dawkins, who lost a sister to a car accident earlier this month.