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Ginyard Probable; Strickland Questionable

Per Roy Williams' press conference prior to the Tar Heels jumping on the plane and heading to Dallas.

Marcus – well, I did expect him to play and I sort of still do. His foot is a lot better, he went about 40 to 50 percent of practice yesterday. And then was going a little bit more today until he sprained his pinkie finger. I told him I was just dadgum happy something happened to him besides his foot. So we had to hold him out to the end, but I think he’ll just tape that. At this time, I don’t even know if they did anything other than tape it or whatever. If they did anything else, they’ve done it in the last couple of hours.

I'm a little more hesitant about Dexter. He was still limping a little bit today, and if he's still feeling tight like that tomorrow morning, I will not play him, but I would like to watch him warm up and see before I make a decision on him. So I think probable on Marcus and questionable on Dexter.

Going without Dexter Strickland makes life more difficult for the Heels. Texas is guard heavy with plenty of depth. Without Strickland and with the possibility Marcus Ginyard might not play as much leaves UNC with Larry Drew and Justin Watts on the perimeter because I seriously doubt Marc Campbell sees the floor in this one.

This is also a big picture decision and there is no need to risk Strickland long term health over one game. The same could be said for Ginyard as well.