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Heels Headed To Car Bowl; Will Face Pitt

And let me just say, that darn well better win. Why? Think about it, what could possibly be worse than having lost to a crappy NC State team this season? Also losing to the one legitimate team NC State happen to win a game against. Yeah, that would really suck. So it is on this team to show up in Charlotte and roll Pitt like they own them.

On one hand, it sucks the Heels were sent to Charlotte for a 2nd straight year just so the Gator Bowl could have FSU. On the other hand, the Heels should enjoy all sorts of crazy home crowd advantage for this one. West Virginia brought a good crowd last season. I have no idea who well Pitt fans travel. According to some posters in IC, Pitt fans did not show up for the 2003 Car Bowl against UVa and Cavalier fans "overran" the place that day. We will see if that is the case here. Hopefully UNC fans will not be put off by being in the same bowl again. I don't think that will be the case and given the sheer number of UNC fans local to Charlotte, I fully expect Bank of America Stadium to be sporting a ton of powder blue.