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Heels: Oh, Yeah We Are Thrilled To Be Going To Charlotte Again

They say all the right things because...well...what else do you expect them to say?

"No, we are pretty pissed at the fact we got shafted."

Of course Kendric Burney, for his part, understands they sort of did this to themselves:

Junior cornerback Kendric Burney said the Heels don't have anyone to blame but themselves after losing to N.C. State, 28-27 on Nov. 28 to finish 8-4, instead of 9-3.

"We can't point the finger and say we should be in a better bowl," Burney said. "We did that to ourselves."

Other tidbits from the media availability:

  • It is possible Shaughn Draughn and Jamal Womble will be available for the bowl game. Butch Davis has told them to get into a "football mentality." I would be very surprised if Draughan played given the nature of his injury which was a fractured shoulder blade.
  • Butch Davis has met with the juniors who might to jump to the NFL to explain how the process works and to make sure they understand the pertinent NCAA rules.
  • Marvin Austin, who is rated the #3 junior defensive tackle by draft guru Mel Kiper, is a likely 1st round pick. Austin says he has no idea what he is doing and for the love of Dick Crum stop asking him!
  • Butch Davis says he has no idea if he will lose anyone but does have a "pretty good feeling" about what they are going to do. Go ahead and parse that seeming contradiction if you'd like.
  • And yes, Marvin Austin did say this about the Gator Bowl picking FSU: "I was like freakin' Bobby Bowden, what the freak?" What the freak, indeed.