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Meanwhile On The Plane Back To East Lansing...

Somewhere of Big Ten country, the Michigan St. charter jet speeds towards home. On board most everyone is asleep except for a few coaches who are still pondering a fifth straight loss. In the back of the plane, Kalin Lucas is trying to sleep but getting more agitated by the minute.

Kalin Lucas(mumbling): No....not!!!!!

Several Voices: Shhhh...hey whose doing that? Be quiet.

Tom Izzo hears the commotion and comes to talk to Lucas along with Raymar Morgan

Tom Izzo: What's wrong, son?

Lucas: Uh...nothing...just can't sleep

Izzo: Nightmares?

Lucas: Well sort of...

Raymar Morgan: Man, are you having the same one again where you are shooting free throws naked in the Breslin Center and all of sudden Judd Heathcoate comes running out of the tunnel with a knife?

Izzo gives Morgan a strange look.

Lucas: Man shut up! You told me you would never tell anyone. Sorry coach, no it's not a nightmare, I can't even get to sleep.

Izzo: When this start?

Lucas: Last December. Then it was just a nightmare. I would see them a few times in my dreams but after awhile it went away. Then in April I saw them was horrible...for awhile I would see them when I closed my eyes. Now, I don't even have to do that, I am seeing them everywhere even with my eyes open.

Izzo: Now wait, who is "them"

Lucas(becoming increasingly panicked): Them? THEM? Oh wait...there they are again...they're behind you! Look Coach, they're right there!!!

Izzo turns around and sees only rows of sleeping players, some of them stirring due to the commotion.

Izzo: I don't see anything, Now,Kailin just calm down,

Lucas: I can't coach....(beginning to hyperventilate)...I see them with my waking eyes...they are everywhere..I CAN'T--I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO..MAYBE IF I CLAW MY EYES OUT THEY'LL GO AWAY...SOMEONE HELP ME...PLEASE!!!

Izzo grabs Lucas' hands and holds them down, asks Morgan to get the team trainer.

Izzo: Now, Kalin just settle down. We are going to help you but you have to calm down. Now, first of all I need to know. What are you seeing? If you just tell me that maybe I can figure out how to help you.

Lucas is a little calmer down but clearly about to lose it again. He is rocking back and forth, his eyes dart to and fro. He looks around the cabin of the plane with a look of complete paranoia then leans forward to talk to Izzo.

Lucas: I...I...I see Tar Heels.