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Play of the Decade

Like the play of the year there are plenty to choose from, some of which I included in the Play of the Year post. For UNC, this decade had a tumultuous first half followed by much success in the 2nd especially for basketball but also with football getting some footing here at the end of the ten year span. Here are some plays that stand out.

First up, a personal favorite at Tar Heel Fan, Danny Green's dunk on Greg Paulus.

In 2006 UNC ruined Duke's senior night and Tyler Hansbrough began making payments on the building he would soon own with this three pointer.

The following year Hansbrough was hit by Gerald Henderson near the end of the game in Chapel Hill. Not necessarily a great play but memorable one nonetheless.

A couple of game winners from 2008. First, Hansbrough beats Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament and then Wayne Ellington beats Clemson.

From football, of which there are precious few given the issues in the first seven years of the decade there is the Connor Barth game winning FG over Miami and Ronald Curry's 62 yard TD run in the 2001 Peach Bowl.

The play of the decade, in my opinion, is the Marvin Williams put back versus Duke in 2005. While UNC winning the national title that same season was the culmination of UNC return to the throne that season, Williams' game winner ended a long Duke run of dominance over UNC. Since this win, which clinched the 2005 ACC regular season, UNC has only lost twice to Duke in eight games. It was as much a statement that the Heels were back as the title that followed a month later and the one that game four years hence.