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Play of the Year

Granted a year that includes a national title in basketball and the football team beating two ranked opponents there choices are plenty. In the NCAA Tournament you had three or four in the game versus LSU alone. One was this layup by Ty Lawson with the Heels protecting a one point lead, the other was Danny Green hitting a three off a Wayne Ellington tip out.

Those two plays effectively buried the Tigers and UNC went on to a title.

In the game versus Duke at Hansbrough Indoor Stadium, you could take almost any one of Lawson's plays in that one.

Tyler Hansbrough broke Phil Ford's scoring mark to become UNC's all time leading scorer.

And not to be too basketball centric here, you had Kendric Burney's three INT day versus Miami which included this improbable run back for a TD.

All great plays but the best of the year is Ty Lawson's game winner versus Florida St. Not only was this game hugely important but it was an incredible play on a variety of levels. For one, taking the ball the length of the court then shooting a runner from three is a impressive play to begin with. Secondly, it illustrates the complete ineptitude of Leonard Hamilton as a coach. Why you would allow the fastest player in college basketball to get the ball cleanly is beyond belief. Nevertheless, the Heels will take it.