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Zeller to Play Wednesday

This according to Steve Kirschner, the Associate Director of Athletics for Communications at UNC, who says, “It’s 99 percent that he’ll play tomorrow night”. This, of course in contrast to what Roy Williams said back at the end of January:

“Of course, there’s a chance, but I think it’s awfully stupid. He’s not been released to play yet. If he comes back and plays one game, then he loses a whole year. There’s always a chance, but again, I’ll say it’s not the smartest thing in the world to have happen, but he hasn’t been released yet. And he will not be released for at least, don’t hold me to this, but it’s three or four more weeks because he doesn’t go back to the doctors until then.”

The general word seems to be that Zeller was pushing to come back in, thinking this is a very good year to win a championship. UNC, although pretty deep in the post, has been soft on interior defense at times, and this can only help to have fresh legs legs as the season winds down.