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Georgia Tech and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season

There's not much to say about this weekend's opponent. They're not very good. With one ACC victory, and three wins in the last seventeen games, there's not much to impress. In fact, considering they've won all of five ACC road games in the last four seasons, their trip to Chapel Hill seems particularly futile. It does raise an interesting question - how do they compare to the worst ACC teams in history?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that they're in danger of hitting the fifteen-loss conference mark, a feat that hasn't been achieved since the sixteen-game schedule was introduced when Florida State arrived. 2-14 is a much more common occurrence:


Year Team Record
2001 Clemson 2-14
1995 Duke 2-14
1993 N.C. State 2-14
1993 Maryland 2-14
1991 Clemson 2-14


Interestingly, none of the coaches of those teams were fired after those nadir seasons, unless you count Pete Gaudet at Duke. Hewitt probably won't be shown the door either, thanks to a recruiting class led by Derrick Favors that will at least grant him a year's reprieve.

When it comes to one-win seasons, or worse, the winless conference fate Tech has already avoided, there are a few more teams, but not many:


Year Team Record
1989 Maryland 1-13
1987 Maryland 1-13
1986 Wake Forest 0-14
1981 Georgia Tech 0-14
1980 Georgia Tech 1-13
1960 Virginia 1-13
1956 Clemson 1-13
1955 Clemson 0-14
1954 Clemson 0-9


UNC has never done worse than the 4-12 season under Matt Doherty.