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Ty Lawson's Toe

The word going around is that Ty Lawson is doubtful for the ACC Tournament, as his injured toe is getting worse instead of better. Although only a jam, it's complicated y a previously healed break that went unnoticed, and the whole thing is becoming a bit of a mess. So no ACC Player of the Year for the ACC Tournament.


It's by no means good that he's injured, but given the choice between risking further damage in Atlanta or resting for the NCAA's, it's rather obvious that the correct option is the latter. I say this knowing that it practically eliminates any chance UNC has of cutting down the nets in Atlanta. I'd much rather have this team go the way of the 1993 and 2005 teams, both who lost to Georgia Tech before winning their next six in March. And I'm a guy who puts a premium on winning the ACC Tournament, and despises the strategic loss philosophy of conference tournament play. Bobby Frasor and Larry Drew could use the high-pressure experience, and the team could use a little more adversity before the NCAAs start. As long as Lawson healthy in a week, this could end up being a good thing.

Come to think of it, the Heels did go 6-1 last year with Thomas and Ginyard at the point. Frasor and Drew could manage the same.