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UNC 98, Gonzaga 77

I'll admit it, I was worried going into the game; Gonzaga had gaudy stats, big men to tangle with UNC's front line and an excellent defense. What they didn't have, it turns out was an answer for Ty Lawson. Lawson started the game off at a frenetic pace and never let up, on his way to 19 points and 9 assists. The Bulldogs could barely keep up, and only with a little long distance-shooting streak in the first half. (The Zags made fifteen shots in the first half, and seven of them were from behind the arc.)

Gonzaga was never really in sync. They weren't use to the pace, they weren't use to being denied offensive rebounds (Gonzaga managed three) and they didn't know what to when faced with foul trouble for most of their offensive fire power. 

This is the best game of basketball I've seen out of UNC all season. It's what we've been expecting from UNC this season. It was fluid, fast-paced and all-encompassing. Danny Green returned with a triumph; check out that line in the boxscore. The team as whole shot almost 58% from the behind the arc, a stat that's been almost unheard of this season. This is an ideal time for the team to fire on all cylinders like this, and with the opposition remaining also winning by 39 or 23, a requirement to close out down the stretch. Oklahoma will be difficult, but for an afternoon at least there's nothing for a fan to do but enjoy a dominate performance seen all to rarely this season.