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No News Is Bad Blogging

The NCAA Tournament has hit its pre-Final Four lull, with everyone focused on John Calipari considering Kentucky and Tony Bennett coming to Virginia. Neither coaching saga interests me, although I'd caution anyone mocking the slow-pace ball of Bennett too much; both UNC and Virginia have a history with, shall we say, less than rapid play, and the UNC-UVa ACC championship is considered the straw that broke the camel's back with regards to the implementation of the shot clock. (Although, contemporaneous articles on the subject don't mention it. I love that Dean Smith could pull out statistics on every time the Four Corners offense was used and what the end results were, though.)

Other than that, it's a wasteland of All-American team announcements, with Tyler Hansbrough being first team AP, second team Basketball Times, and Lawson first team Basketball Times, second team AP. The current score in first team races is Hansbrough 3, (AP Sporting News, USBWaoA), Lawson 3 (BT, SI, CBS). I know, you're thrilled.

Also, SB Nation is now illustrated, thanks to a nifty agreement with AP/Getty that allows a limited license to use photos. So the trophy hoisting shot to the right will gently migrate of the blog some time after the season ends. Also, the AP cannot tell Tyler Zeller and Marc Campbell apart, so happily, I have editorial control over the captions.

(Thought for discussion: between Lawson's toe, UConn's distractions, and the rest of the one seeds falling short, the Heels have become the overwhelming favorite to cut down the nets on Monday, just like they were last year and the year before. Am I right to be nervous about that?)