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Senior Day

The game currently going on is, of course, the last home game for Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Bobby Frasor, Mike Copeland, Jack Wooten, J.B. Tanner and Patrick Moody. And the pre-game chatter seems to have focused on whether Duke will ruin Hansbrough's Senior Day, as UNC did J.J. Redick's. (Nothing of importance has apparently happened since 2006.) It does raise an interesting question, how many Senior Days (and nights) have been ruined over the years?

Well, Carolina comes off better than Duke. Since the founding of the ACC, the Heels are 19-7 when the last game in Chapel Hill brings Duke to town, while the Blue Devils are a more even 17-12. UNC hasn't lost on Senior Day since Matt Doherty's first season in 2001, while Duke hasn't won one against the Heels since Roy Williams' first season in 2004.