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Weekend Reading

A couple of things I don't have time to comment on, but were worth the time to read:

  • Bleacher Report has a first-hand view of the current mood on campus. Sounds a lot like I remember UNC's Final Four run being my freshman year, although it went sour then as soon as the Heels lost. I think even the weather changed and it rained for the next three days.
  • Fox Sports Net is going to broadcast one of those high school shoe all-star games Saturday at ten, in which both John Henson and Leslie McDonald will take the court. USA Basketball has interviews with both of them. Future Blue Devil Mason Plumlee will take the court as well.
  • The first UNC can repeat article is out. Apparently, all Carolina needs to win a second straight title is a player they're not recruiting who has no interest in coming to UNC. That's helpful. Also, desperate Facebook groups are against NCAA regulations, as N.C. State is now finding out. I think it's the third exclamation point that makes it illegal.