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Brother of UNC Football Player Gets Face Time with Packers Scout

The comedy story of the afternoon is Greg Paulus's workout last week with a scout for the Green Bay Packers, and yes the jokes pretty much write themselves. I wish him the best though, as it's a better fate than being another faceless assistant coach in training on the bench in Cameron. And as the News and Observer put it, he both has a year of college football eligibility to spend in practice with David Cutcliffe and it wasn't that long ago that Antonio Gates went from being a forward at Kent State to a monster in San Diego.

(We can all list the ways Greg Paulus is not Antonio Gates in our heads, can't we? The internet isn't really big enough for me to get into it here.)

Of course, the simplest explanation is that somebody needed to throw passes to Eron Riley, the Duke wide receiver also under consideration, so why not make it the former high school golden-armed QB? I'd like to think the plucky little floor-slapper can make it though, just for the NFL games where he could be pounded into the dirt by Julius Peppers. Or Ebenezer Ekuban. Or Greg Ellis. Or Vonnie Holliday...