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Greg Paulus's Postgraduate Plans Get Weirder by the Day

Some days I actually believe major educational institutions are conspiring to play pranks on me, and this is one of those days. Greg Paulus has been offered a chance to compete for the quarterback job at Michigan. He visited Rich Rodriguez,  and attended spring practice, and now has other schools also jockeying for a chance to spend a scholarship on a guy who hasn't played football in four years. Paulus is now weighing grad school programs (he's a political science major) while considering his future.

Edited to add: It gets even better! Paulus is already making friends and influencing people. Here's Wolverine QB prospect Tate Forcier:

From what I’ve heard, I’ve been talking to coaches all morning, my position coach, Coach (Rod) Smith, he told me specifically that they have not offered him.

From what I’ve heard, he hasn’t been offered anything yet, he hasn’t accepted anything yet.

I’m not worried about it, a kid like that was good in high school, but it’s nearly impossible to come back to this level and play. It might be possible, but not in the QB position. You have to know too much. You have to know the speed of the game.

It ain’t going to happen. I talked to (Michigan) Coach (Rich) Rod(riguez) and he said (Paulus) doesn’t know if he wants to play football or be a basketball coach at Duke or coach football. He doesn’t know yet. I might not be getting the whole story from my coaches, but there’s no final word.

This is just getting awesome.