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Your Weekend Barnstorming Story

No, this isn't about that picture - Paulus is wearing some of the barnstorming gear, and the baby is most likely plotting how she can beat Paulus off the dribble. This is a story from the game in Sanford earlier this week, as told by the local sports editor, Alex Podlogar:

There were four participants, the main guys being Paulus and UNC walk-on J.B. Tanner.

The guys had 10 shots from any spot behind the arc, and Paulus coolly made 8 of 10 from the wing. 

Up stepped Tanner, who only played when UNC was up by double-digits in the waning minutes of games.

So what does Tanner do? Hit his first eight shots to tie Paulus.

This is when event organizers stepped in and tried to call it a tie, which neither Tanner nor Paulus was willing to do. This was Duke-Carolina, after all.

I won't ruin the story's ending for you. Read on.

(I'll be in Montreal for most of next week, so entertain yourselves.)