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Franklin Street Prepares for Anarchy

Two stories from the News and Observer this afternoon are of interest. The first mention that folks were lined up at Top of the Hill over ten hours before tip-off, just for good seats. (Although, come to think of it, being able to enjoy Franklin Street with being in the crowds of Franklin Street also applies.) I saw UNC advance to the 2000 Final Four there and the decent-sized celebration that followed, and it wasn't ten-hour wait worthy.

Second, Chapel Hill police are trying to restrict the sale of blue paint, a smart move to limit property damage and save people from themselves. A friend of mine was on the street in 1993 when a very drunk man approached him with a bucket of housepaint and a brush and asked, "Mind if I paint your face blue?" My friend, equally drunk, thought for a moment and then yelled, "Sure!"

I seem to recall the removal of that paint to be less than fun.