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Eight Minutes, Thirty Seconds

That's the amount of time UNC trailed in the 240 minutes of play during the NCAA Tournament. Breaking it down:

  • Radford The Heels never trailed.
  • LSU 75 assorted seconds in the first half, stretching from 18:52 until UNC took the lead at 15:44 on a Wayne Ellington three to make it 9-8.
  • LSU 17:04-16:26 LSU takes a 42-41 lead that lasts until Ty Lawson ties it at 44-44.
  • LSU 15:11-11:12 The longest stretch UNC trailed, from a score of 47-44 until the Heels regained the lead at 56-54
  • LSU 10:52-10:30 Marcus Thorton hits his a three to go up 57-56, and Ty Lawson responds 22 seconds later to make it 57-56. UNC would never trail in the second half
  • Gonzaga, 19:45-19:35 Gonzaga leads 1-0, until Tyler Hansbrough makes a jumper.
  • Gonzaga, 19:23-18:48 Gonzaga leads 3-2, until Ty Lawson hits a three.
  • Oklahoma The Heels never trailed
  • Villanova 19:38-18:42 Villanova leads 2-0, until Wayne Ellington ties it with a jumper.
  • Villanova 18:21-18:05 Villanova leads 4-2, until Ty Lawson hits a three.
  • Michigan State 19:13-18:54 Michigan State leads 3-2 until Danny Green hits a three.
Eight minutes, thirty seconds. Two minutes, sixteen seconds after the opening weekend. That's just indescribable.