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Jesse Holley's Road to the NFL Goes Through Michael Irvin

Spike TV's ever-helpful promotional department e-mailed me last week about their new reality show, 4th and Long, in which twelve football players compete for a spot at the training camp for the Dallas Cowboys. Being neither a fan of the Cowboys, Michael Irvin, or reality TV, I'd have ignored it, except for the fact that former UNC wide receiver and basketball player is one of the twelve contestants; his NFL career stalled after a brief stint on the Bengals' practice squad. Here's retroactively wishing him the best of luck (the season has already been filmed), as despite the involvement of Irvin, Spike TV,and copious amounts of vomit,  the show's promo assures us that this is "not a slapdick operation." 

(As a Giants and Panthers fan, I support "not a slapdick operation" to be the new standard the Cowboys aspire to.)