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Jesse Holley Wins 4th and Long: Now What?

Reality television has at least one thing going for it now, as former Tar Heel Jesse Holley used it to earn himself a slot on the Dallas Cowboys' 80-man training camp roster. Cowboys' fans seemed less than enthused, preferring Toledo's Andrew Hawkins, but Holley was apparently the most consistent over the course of the show. So what now?

Well, Dallas still goes about seven deep at receiver, so making the team is still a longshot. The show did seem geared more towards putting some on the special teams unit, where he could work his way into the offense. That's basically what Ronald Curry did in Oakland as he transitioned from college quarterback to NFL receiver.  His first season was all special teams, he managed five catches the following year, and finally made it into the lineup consistently as a third receiver in 2004, three seasons after being drafted. Again, with seven solid talnts already holding the playbook in their hands it will be a tough road for Holley, but he can manage it, I think.